Things I’ve learned as a social media coordinator


Different social media accounts I’ve ran

Ava Babson, Staff writer

Running a social media page isn’t as simple as it seems. I mean anybody in this world is easily capable of making a page and posting anything they want but to keep people engaged and getting yourself/ your business out there with high quality content is what’s important. There are many things you have to remember when trying to keep people engaged on your posts/page. You will run across many things people love and many things people don’t like, also some things people say on social media are negative and irrelevant so just try your best to ignore them. Below are some tips for running a successful social media page and keeping people engaged!!

1- Post multiple times a week: keep people engaged by having multiple posts, at least once a day every week. This will help you gain more followers and likes and even shares if you post something “story-worthy”…like maybe a Q&A, a cool video, or a “game”. If you post regularly it gives your followers a reason to keep coming back to your page. This will help you build loyal followers and increase your reach. Always remember to stick to a consistent posting schedule using high-quality content to keep a top-tier social media account.

2- Use high quality photos/designs/videos. You should use a variety of content formats: mix it up with different things each time you post, and keep it unique and trendy. This keeps your page interesting and fresh. Posting high quality content makes your posts way more appealing to people and it keeps your audience engaged. Also using high quality pictures or videos can maybe showcase a brand or product you are trying to sell.

3- Use hashtags. Using hashtags makes your posts show up on other accounts or pages and sometimes those hashtags get very popular and can possibly help your account and likes grow! Using hashtags helps your content be more discoverable to other users who are interested in similar things like you. Using a hashtag makes it a clickable link that takes users to a feed of other posts that have the same type of content. This will help you reach more people and increase your audience visibility.

4- Stay up to date with trends. To stay up to date with trends when running a social media page there are many things you can do. You can follow industry leaders, different influencers, and content creators. Most social apps like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.. etc. They all are up to date on trends and show you what is trendy. All you have to do is look up “trending” or “#trendy” and you can get many different ideas as to what to post.

5- Respond to your followers. This shows that you care about all of your followers and value any input they have in your accounts. By responding to your followers, you are building engagement and trust with your audience. By replying you can also build a stronger connection with your audience, This will also help you see where you can improve in certain areas such as customer service or your posted content.

6- Use analytics to track all of your posts. By using analytics, you can see all of your progress and it helps to see what’s working best for you and what’s not working and how you can improve in different ways. It will help you see which posts are getting the most engagement, which are the best times for you to post, and which types of content people like most. Using analytics will help you come up with better ideas, help you figure out what you need to change, show you your strongest points.. etc.

If you are thinking about running a social media account make sure to have a positive mind, creative ideas, always be open to trying new things and have open ears for constructive criticism.. it will all help you in the long run!