Cierra Watts and Kaitlyn Rhea share a moment during the game

Photo by Joe Stanley

Trouble Catching Funds

May 30, 2018

A team that goes 24-2 compared to a team that goes 4-8, nowhere close to even having a winning season, is given less respect and financial support. Though not logical, this is the current state of things for the West Softball Team.

Photo by Joe Stanley
Cierra Watts and Kaitlyn Rhea share a moment during the game

The softball team has been extremely overlooked in the past and has come nowhere close to the recognition that it deserves; they also lack sufficient funding despite the revenue the sport earns during one season as well. One of West’s best teams is shown little appreciation compared to some of the other sports.

Senior left fielder, Cierra Watts, believes the playoffs were a great honor and privilege, but the team largely went unrecognized by the students and staff population.

“Really exciting, because it was fun and challenging,” stated Watts. “I just wish we would’ve got some more recognition and support, maybe more awareness of our progress through the playoffs.”

The team pushes for more support, new uniforms, field management, and equipment which should all be small sacrifices the school pays in order to provide a better sporting environment for one of the best teams at West. Junior baseball player, Ethan Reed, addresses the problem with an open-minded viewpoint.

“Many teams at West are not even good, but they get much more funding than the ones that actually are,” claimed Reed. “Teams like wrestling, softball, and even cross-country deserve some cash flow for their success, it should be a funding system based mostly on achievements.”

The problem becomes difficult due to the fact that teams require a certain amount of funding each season, which pushes to the displacement of the softball team’s revenue and budget. The success in the past years from this department can not be overlooked, especially with the strong drive in playoffs to the fifth round in 2017 and the fourth round this past year. The team is hoping to find change in the inequality given to them and other teams that deserve a better sporting atmospheres.

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