A bouquet of purple flowers

The Art Behind Photography

October 26, 2018

For me, photography is not just about taking pictures for fun or because I see something eye-catching. Taking pictures is a way to express the way I feel about things.

When I see a pretty flower, I am not going to stop and take a picture of it just because I can, I’m taking the picture because it’s beautiful and because it is a scene I that I want to capture. I will try to get the best lighting and angle to make the picture the best picture so people actually want to see it.

I didn’t become interested in photography or even the beauty of flowers until I started planting them with my grandmother. Nana worked at a greenhouse when I was younger, and she took me to work with her all the time and taught me how to take care of them, all the different names, and how each flower has to be taken care of a different way.

When I got a little older, Nana got me a bunch of fake flowers, and we built a big flower bed around an oak tree in her driveway; after a long, sweaty and somewhat frustrating day, the flower bed was finally finished. When we finished, I wanted to take pictures of every single flower we had planted, so I could always look at every one of them.

After that day, I continued to take pictures of just about every flower if I was able to. That’s when I started to realize that I wanted to pursue photography, and I have my amazing, loving and caring grandmother to thank for that.


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