Water up to the road on Highway 130
Water up to the road on Highway 130

A Stormy Semester

October 30, 2018

Hurricanes have blown our first semester away, literally. According to WWAY, right now we have missed 21 days due to the storms and their damage. The state officially forgave up to 20 days due to Florence and major school cancellations. While all of the days missed are almost impossible to make up, Brunswick County has made a decision concerning makeup days.

So far October 29th, December 21st, January 3th, January 4th, February 18th and March 18th are now makeup days for Hurricane Florence. The first semester has also been extended until January 30th.

“The makeup days have stressed me out cause I feel like I have to push myself a little harder because we will not get a break,” said Jordyn Hill, junior.

It’s not just students–many teachers have been worrying about what to do with all of the days missed.

“When we came back, I was like my goodness we’ve lost all this time, and now we have to recover it,” says Mrs. Mary Anne Gore.

Brunswick County’s decision to extend the semester has put some of the teachers at ease about making up for lost instructional time. However, others believe the board may have rushed in choosing makeup days because of potential future snow days and the continuation of hurricane season–we ended up missing two instructional days for Hurricane Matthew, and who knows what winter weather we will encounter.

“I have mixed feelings,” said Mrs. Jyll Jacoby-Burns. “The state waived so many of the days, now I feel like we are making up extra. We don’t really need to make up as many days as we are.”

Water covering the road on Highway 130 following Hurricane Florence

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