Chase’s Catch Fishing Report: Lockwood Folly

Chase Soyars, Staff Writer

Local resident, Pierce and I Left at high tide to fish around Lockwood Folly Inlet. Fishing with live shrimp and gulp baits on popping corks and carolina rigs, we aspired to pull out some keeper trout from our trip, as we had heard they have been biting in numbers recently throughout the inlet. Fishing around the mouth for around an hour had not produced any fish, so we decided to move further downstream and fish around an old abandoned dock. After 30 minutes and a couple of Bluefish the rain started pouring and we decided to switch out interests into going to eat. With no trout the trip was not as productive as we would have hoped, but for the rain stopping us not long after we started, some bluefish aren’t a bad catch. I’m glad we pulled up some fish.


Although trout have been inshore recently they have been really picky as far as bait goes. Pearl Gulp on red jig heads have seemed to work well, make sure to get strong thick leader, or even metal leader because of trouts sharp teeth. As far as rod selection goes a good 2500 to 3000 spinning reel/ or mid-sized baitcaster, on a medium-light action rod works wonders. For my next column we will be discussing Rod Selections for different types of fishing.