Chase’s Catch Fishing Report: Closing Shop for Winter

Chase Soyars, Staff Writer

As fall is ending the fishing season is almost over, bringing the annual closing of most local tackle shops and signaling the brief end of our favorite hobby as we know it. Hopefully this year turns out better than last, and the trout do not freeze, giving fisherman something to do between the cold spells and winter shopping. Dogging the cold snaps is important in continuing your fishing into the winter as most fish will go further out during the cold to seek food. Keeper fish will be harder to find as most fish will be lethargic and searching for food. During winter it is good to use rigs that stay closer to the top of the water because fish will be staying where it is warmer.


As live bait is harder to find, artificials are the way to go. This is the season to experiment will all different shapes and sizes to find what works the best. MirrorLures seem to work the best in winter as well as spoons. Anything shiny or flashy that will attract the fishes attention easier will work the best as fish won’t be putting a lot of energy into searching for food.Also be on the lookout for good winter sells for new fishing gear! The offseason is always the best time to upgrade your tackle. Make a list and search the local tackles stores as well as the larger chains. Good Luck on your search!