Time out

Winter sports season has started and the women’s basketball team is ready for a great and hopeful season to come. As the women’s varsity basketball team begins, they are hoping to improve on many aspects such as teamwork, collaboration and ensuring they get extra practice.

“We’ll definitely have some progress this season,” says sophomore Alexis Dombrowski.

The women’s varsity basketball team has made great improvements already. Underclassmen players, like freshman Gracie Elmore, are practicing and improving in an effort to make the team the best West has ever seen.

“I think if we come together as a team like we’re supposed to and work hard, then yeah I think [the season] should be a success,” says Elmore.

Players like Morgan Barbee feel that the season is bound to be a success if everyone works hard and gives it their all. With this determination from players, this season will be a great learning experience and a great impact for everyone on the team this season.

“I expect to get better on [both] defense and offense,” said Barbee, “I am going to work harder every single day.”

Determination is what is on the girl’s minds this season.

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