Lift Kits: Pros and Cons

January 3, 2019

One reason the truck is so lucrative in today’s day and age is the fact that there are so many customizable options for it. You can lift it, lower it, new wheels and tires, custom headlights, and so many more, however, lift kits are the most purchased addition for a pickup truck. These lift kits can either make or break your truck.

Lift kits were implemented into the truck world for the reason to provide better clearance for people taking their trucks offroading. Lift kits give a new attitude to your truck. They give the truck the ability to also have bigger tires and rims. The ability to put on those larger tires and rims, on top of the lift kit, helps make your truck represent you better. The main pro besides the clearance, if the cosmetic appearance.

Anytime one changes any stock parts on their vehicle, then there is a chance that their ride quality is going to diminish. To help you understand why the ride quality will diminish let me tell you what a lift kit is. A lift kit is comprised of new shocks, lower control arms, coilovers, and many other smaller parts. When a company makes a truck, they make the truck so that it has the smoothest ride possible. Whenever someone installs a lift kit, it takes away the stock parts which took years to engineer for a smooth ride.

Even though many people will deal with the lousy ride quality and expensive price of the lift kit, I feel that a lifted truck is not the best idea to do to your truck if you are going to use it as a daily driver. If I would lift a truck, then I would use that truck as a part-time vehicle just due to the fact I desire a smooth ride for long distance rides.

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