Coach Lewkowicz coaches the team following them gaining the lead over NBHS.

Photo by Molysha Brown

New Coach, Who Dis?

New Coaches for Women’s Varsity Basketball

January 14, 2019

This basketball season brings yet another coaching change for the Varsity Lady Trojans–their fourth in as many years. Coach Lewkowicz and Coach Harvey have worked in West’s program before, but this year, they are taking on new roles as the head and assistant Varsity coaches respectively. Many of the athletes feel these coaches are a great addition to the women’s basketball program.


“Coach L and Coach Harvey are a great combination,”  says team captain Dyna Jeffries. “They have great history together and good chemistry. Coach L is more soft hearted while Coach Harvey is more hard hearted, so you have a coach who is going to show you right from wrong and coach who’s going to pick you up when you’re down.”


Coach Lewkowicz is the new head coach of the girls basketball team. He was formerly the assistant coach of the Lady Trojans Varsity basketball team and the interim head coach of the JV team during the 2017-2018 season. Players believe that Coach Lewkowicz has great experience and is a positive role model towards the team.


“I would describe Coach L as dedicated,” says Jeffries, “He never gives up even though we are on a losing streak this season. He always tell us to keep our head up and that better will come.”


Coach Harvey has had experience with the some of the players at the varsity level this year, as he was previously the head JV Coach during the 2016-2017 season and the beginning of the 2017-2018 season. The former JV basketball players feel Coach Harvey has been a great motivator and leader in his time at WBHS.


“Coach Harvey is a really disciplinary kind of coach,” says junior and three year team member, Aaliyah McCray. “He disciplines us a lot more than we expected from him, coming from a jv coach. He still treats everybody the same and how they should be treated.”


The team is working hard to improve their physicality, and the new coaches are making that a priority this year.


“He (Coach L) has us fit, basically,” says McCray. “He has us up and running, up and moving in every practice, before every game. He doesn’t want us to sitting around doing nothing.”

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