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Exploring the option of a 64 team college football playoff.

January 23, 2019

Mike Leach discusses the college playoffs with KREM 2 News via Youtube.

Most college football fans remember when the four team college football was introduced. It brought a lot of excitement but some still believed the old way was better and would be better for college football. A college football system adds more excitement to the games and lets the season last a little bit longer with the chance to win it all. It also gives teams that wouldn’t have a chance to get in otherwise a chance to take their shot at a national championship. I not only believe that the for a team playoff system is better than before but also believe we should add even more teams to bring more excitement to the game and also give more teams at a shot in the playoffs.

To the contradiction of my beliefs, most believe that four teams is the maximum amount the best system and some even believe that it would be better to just have two teams. One of the largest problems people have with adding more teams to the playoffs is that you would have to play more games which is obviously a big concern with the increasing importance on concussion awareness and other health concerns that go along with the game of football. Why is it though that almost any division of football you can think of has a playoff system. High school has a  playoff system and D3, D2, and FCS football all have a playoff system with over eight teams most at sixteen and high school at sixty-four. Every one of these divisions of football makes these playoff systems make it work so I think the FBS could as well with that concern.

Another argument is that there are only a few teams in college football that could actually win it so it would be pointless which is a fair thought considering in the last few years we have had only a handful of certain teams to win it all. However, it would be inevitable that by increasing the number of teams in the playoffs you would have an upset or two every year to knock out of the bigger programs in exchange for a lesser known team. For those that don’t believe that these upsets would occur they have never played football for if they did they would know that in the game of football anything can happen on any given night and anyone can come out a winner which is one of the many beauties of the game. This would create more tension and excitement as you would not be seeing the same teams every year as you do now.

Adding more teams would also decrease the number of players sitting out the bowl games because more programs would have a chance at winning it all and nobody can deny themselves that opportunity.

Another benefit of adding more teams would be taking away some of the control from the committee for who gets a chance at the big game. The reason it is good to do this is because this committee has people that have no business picking the selection including politicians and people that have probably never touched a football. With how much of an influence politics have on the committee it is not good for the college game.

In conclusion, the playoff system is an efficient and smart way to improve the game and increasing the numbers can be done if done well.

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