Safety Solutions

Chase Soyars, Staff Writer

As West gains another year in its history, new changes are coming about. With safety becoming the top priority, West has taken steps to improve by addressing age-old issues. First up, scan cards have become more prevalent in gaining access to the premises. After the tardy bell rings it triggers a lock to all perimeter doors, making students who are late check in at the front office. Secondly, an outside intercom has been placed on the outer-set of doors leading into the main lobby. In order to enter the the school, visitors now have to ring a buzzer and wait for someone to let them in. The largest addition has been the two new offices established in the front lobby, along with an extra set of doors blocking the entrance into the school. In order to proceed through the new adjacent set of doors after ringing in on the intercom, you must scan your license through the Ident ‘A’ Kid machine. This helps match a parent to their ID to make sure they are who they say they are and that they are not a potential threat to the premises.

“The new area for the attendance office, along with the new safety procedures  within the school have made students and parents aware of what’s going on.” Says Mrs. Zettlemoyer, “It’s been very proactive overall, and I think the parents appreciate the proactiveness. Overall safety of the school has been improved and that has always been the top priority here.”

Safety isn’t the only thing affected with the changes. Skipping class has been an issue here at West and with the new technology, and security measures, skipping class is becoming easier to detect. Even students coming in tardy has decreased, because the only way into the school after the bell rings is through the school’s front office.

“I’ve also been seeing a lot less students coming in tardy after the changes.” Says Mrs. Zettlemoyer.

Many Students have been picking up on the new additions around the campus as well. Some upperclassmen who drive have even been trying to come in earlier to avoid the long walk around the outside of the school to check in tardy.

“I have seen a lot more people get caught because now with Mrs. Z towards the front office she is able to see people leaving and entering the school.” Said senior Sarah Reaves, who helps Mrs. Zettlemoyer during her third period, “Overall everything that we’ve done to the school is an improvement.”

Safety is and always be kept in thought with the new additions coming to West, helping students, parents and teachers peace of mind.

“It may be a pain to deal with, but when it comes down to it, it’s harder for a predator or someone who is a danger to get in, which makes me feel safer in the end!”

Ident ‘A’ Kid Machine Located in the Office