Self Love: In Generation Z


In every trash magazine you will find an article about loving your body or being yourself, and within the next few pages an article with a title similar to how to drop 10lbs. in a week. This topic titles put a warped image on beauty. While self-love is an important asset to have, it appears to have been taken to a new extreme. What is the harm of always focusing on yourself?

A self absorbed society is what we appear to be cultivating. A time when you can make more money from posting pictures of yourself than having a college degree. Everyday we see hundreds of posts, stories, and videos of the so called “perfect” life. If we love ourselves so much, then why do we thrive on being better than others? Isn’t self-love about having enough confidence to not worry about what others have?

True self-love means you can love yourself and others without looking at your differences. When you have enough confidence in yourself you should be able to accept your flaws and appreciate others who can make you better.

True self-love is not caring what other people think or thinking you’re better than everyone. It’s about coming together with your differences, and not conforming to be like others. No one else can be you so why not show the world who you are?

Gaining self-confidence is about being able to look in the mirror and not just see a beautiful person, but someone who knows they have something to add to the world other than financial or social circumstances.

Do not look to be like others in this world, make others look at you.