What Makes Christianity Different


Faith Gunther, staff writer

While many people view Christianity as a religion followed by perfect people who have to follow a long list of strict rules, it is everything but that. Being a Christian is far more than a religion; it is a lifestyle. It explains the universe; it explains life, but most of all, it explains love. 

            I feel like there are many misconceptions about Christianity, especially in today’s society. Christianity is not a walk in the park. No one is perfect, nor will we ever be. However, by being a Christian and following the Lord daily, you no longer face life’s struggles alone. A lot of my peers assume that because I am a Christian I am required to pray every hour of every day, go to church multiple times a week and that I only listen to or sing songs about God. People often think that I am “perfect” and that I never mess up. It is the opposite. Being a Christian is realizing that we, as humans are imperfect in need of a savior. It is about living for something much more significant than ourselves. It is about serving and loving others just as Jesus loves us. It is not always easy to live this lifestyle because it demands change by free will, but it is worth it. It is worth it because you are no longer defined by the things that you have or do not have. You are no longer defined by what others say about you or what your social status is, but you are defined by what the Lord says about you. It teaches us to love one another genuinely. Most of all, Christianity is an invitation to live in everlasting freedom through a heavenly father who loves and pursues us despite what we do.