The Hidden Gems of Brunswick County: Beaches

Discovering the overlooked Brunswick County activities.


Photo by LeAnna Mintz

The most popular attraction in Brunswick county is by far the beautiful beaches. In the summertime, just walking out to the beach and finding a calm place to layout can be a troubling task. It takes away from the experience of being a local and knowing how relaxing it can be in the spring or fall when going to the beach and seeing only a few others soaking up the sun. 

So, because of the inconvenience of so many people, many locals find other things to do at the beach to take advantage of the beautiful place we live in.

When the beaches are filling up with people from all around, locals seem to still stay on the island for most of the summer. There are plenty of other things to do like go fishing, kayaking, jet-skiing, and boating. At night when the dust settles from all the traffic of the day, teens gather up at ocean isle beach pier and just hang out. Although tourists do many of these things while here for the week, many of them stick to the strand during the day, and to their beach houses at night.