Life as a Christian


Faith Gunther, Staff Writer

Many might be surprised when I say that once I became a Christian, my day to day routine did not change that much. It was through a heart change that my actions began to change; however, it was not an overnight change. It was not because I was forced to follow specific rules, but because I had a new perspective on life and a new purpose for living. 

Being a Christian does not demand good works to cancel out the bad ones. It does not mean that I am perfect. In fact, I mess up a lot. The beautiful thing about Christianity is that it does not build up a wall around my life, but instead knocks it down. It is having a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, who willingly died for all of humanity so that our wrong-doing could be washed away by his never-ending grace, mercy, and love. It is important to know that there are not rules to Chrisitianity, but guidelines that will benefit and change lives. Because of this, my life is positively affected every day. When you have relationships with people, you have to talk and stay in contact, or else you will drift apart. It is the same concept as having a relationship with Jesus. Praying, reading my bible, and going to church are all ways that allow me to communicate with Christ and build a relationship with Him. Having a personal relationship with Jesus enables me to love people differently than I could before. It helps me see others through a different lense. It encourages me to make decisions that strengthen my well-being and honor the Lord. With that being said, I am still human. Some days I struggle to love people wholeheartedly, and other days it is difficult to see people as worthy despite their failures. It can also be a struggle to make the right choices sometimes. Nevertheless, there is peace and comfort in the realization that I have been forgiven and that I do not have to be perfect. I don’t have to walk on eggshells afraid of God’s judgment for every wrong thing I do. However, I want people to see Jesus in me, and my actions and words will ultimately reflect that. The Lord loves with an overwhelming and incomprehensible love and though I will fail in life every day that I live, He forgives time and time again with welcoming arms open wide.