The Curse is Broken: Trojan Football Defeats Hoggard for the First Time Since 1997


Faith Gunther, Staff Writer

Senior, William McRainey, getting ready to head back out on the field.
Trojan student section members pose at the tailgate before the game begins
Let it Fly! Confetti rains as the Trojans score another touchdown
Curtis Bryant tootin his tuba during the bands halftime show
A young fan shares some helpful insight to the Trojan football team
The King brothers discussing plays from the sideline
Carter Wyatt receiving some medical expertise from the trainer
Jordan Wilkes signaling 4th down
Conner Berry blowing the celebratory horn
Reid Miller onlooking the referee making a call
Deandre Clarida shares a word with some teammates
Trojan cheerleaders dressed out in pink accompanied by the little league cheerleaders.
Senior, Jordan Wilkes, drinks some water after scoring the first touchdown against Hoggard.
Senior Jesse Bellamy and sophomore Carter Wyatt receive feedback from Coach Loutz.
Trojans gather for a quick huddle after Hoggard calls a timeout.
JVian McCRay, a senior, comes off the field for a quick second.
Austin Simmons, a senior, runs off the field excitedly after Trojans score a touchdown.
Seniors, Brady Whitesides and Cameron Bynum watch from the sidelines as Trojans take the lead.
Senior Jay Fletcher walking off the field, taking a quick glance at the game.
Coach Bridges watches the game from the sidelines showing a lot of school spirit by dressing for the pink out.


Final Score: 14-7