Under the Radar: The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is an undervalued television series that lets the audience gain insight into someone with autism.

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Whenever you hear a show talking about surgery, many minds usually gravitate towards Grey’s Anatomy or now even New Amsterdam. In my personal opinion, there is a more informative and entertaining show airing, and that is The Good Doctor. The new television series stars Freddie Highmore, who many know of from Bates Motel. The gifted actor portrays a young man who has autism with a new job as a surgeon. Highmore does an incredible job portraying this part and makes the show more emotional overall. The surgeon struggles, in the workforce and life in general, with discrimination regarding his disorder. Not only does this educational series teach us about the medical field, but it lets us gain an insight into someone who is dealing with autism. The show contains romance, humor, and a lot of sweet moments that make this television series a truly underrated one.