JV Football V.S. South Columbus

Trojan JV Football team plays against the South Columbus Stallions.

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JV Football V.S. South Columbus

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The Trojan JV football team won the game on October 21st with a score of 28 to 6 . Though there was some injuries, the Trojans continued the game and conquered the South Columbus Stallions. 

After the first touch down of the night number 4, Aidan Kaiser and number 23, Quay Whitley touch helmets to show their happiness.

West and South Columbus collide for the ball.

West is lined up and getting ready to take on South Columbus.

The players line up on the sidelines to watch their teammates conquer the Stallions.

Cheerleader Amanda Jacobs and Morgan Donner come together for a cheer.

West players in a huddle after the game to talk about their win against South Columbus 


Madison Mcguire cheering on the JV Trojans with a big smile.