School Shootings: What Should we do?


Breanna Trudeau, Online Director

What should we do as a community to help ensure the safety of our schools? Should we enforce more rules in our school system? Should we place more policemen in school environments?

As a community, we can help provide a safe system by placing programs for those in need of guidance and help. For some students, school is an anxiety filled place where they feel uncomfortable, but some just need a place to vent and express their feelings. Placing these types of programs in schools could help relieve stress and the negative feelings towards other peers and school environments.

Implementing a more secure system in schools can be alarming to some students and create a fear of attending the place they want to learn. By the possibility of putting undercover cops or more authoritative figures in classrooms could help pinpoint escalating situations and handle them accordingly. Though the presence of more police may concern students, if addressed appropriately, could be a viable option.

Ensuring the safety of the learning environment for students is critical. By enforcing more regulations to keep students and staff safe, we could use these ideas along with others to put a more positive image back in school systems.



Photo Credit: Breanna Trudeau
Two students hold each others hands to represent their trust and happiness in school.