As seen on TV Tuesday


West Brunswick High School is holding its annual spirit week during the week of the Homecoming football game. The  theme for Tuesday was “as seen on TV Tuesday,” and we have had numerous unique outfits and characters. The West Brunswick Staff also decided to participate and dress up to celebrate this fun and eventful week. West will caring on this week with more fun events.

As alvin and the chipmuncks, we have Haley Reed as Alvin, Laila Feldman as Theodore and Thia McLean as Simion
From Riverdale, we have Cole Hamilton as Jughead, Teagan Coley as Betty, Ria Sanchez as Veronica, Wayde Sibley as Archie
We have Savannah Reed, Lauren Nelson, Olivia Cox, Weston Sharpe and Paul Gushman reenacting a photo of the cast from Friends