Why I Chose Christianity


Faith Gunther, Staff Writer

Considering that I was raised in a Christian household, it would be easy to claim that I chose to become a Christian solely for that reason. While it has influenced me a lot, my parents never forced me to believe as they did, and it was my own choice to continue to live out the lifestyle in which I was raised. I grew up going to church and going to vacation bible school, but as I grew older, I knew that there was more to it all. I wanted to live a life for Jesus because of all that is offered. I wanted to be apart of something bigger. I wanted to know that I would go to heaven when I died. I wanted to live with a purpose. Nonetheless, it was my personal decision to follow Jesus Christ, and I have not regretted it since.

There are various religions and belief systems that people choose to follow; however, there is something that stands out about Christianity that is often not present in other belief systems. Christianity is all about a personal relationship with Jesus, not just about works. It is freeing to know that your worth is not based upon how many times you mess up, and you do not get into heaven simply by “being a good person,” but through Christ alone. The loving, forgiving, and genuine relationship that can be found with Jesus is why I chose to become a Christian. He does not keep tally marks on how many times we mess up, and even when we do, he willingly and lovingly forgives us. He is a father who guides but does not force. He cares about us. He loves us like no other. At times this is difficult to grasp, but it remains faithful and constant. Christianity is all about relationship. Through a personal relationship with Jesus, it allows me to love and serve people wholeheartedly. Without Jesus, there is nothing, but with Him, there is eternal life for anyone who accepts Him.