School Shootings: An Update


A student looks at the CNN on updates on school shootings.

Breanna Trudeau, Online Director

This past week on November 14th, 2019 there was yet another school shooting in California. This year, there have been 45 mass school shootings. Approximately, that is one shooting a week in the 46 weeks of 2019.

Though plenty of threats are made in schools, how many actually follow through with such heinous acts?  Students and staff are put on lock downs and shelter in places to ensure the safety of everyone, but still leaves a sense of panic in the school systems. Police and resource officers do their best to tackle the threat, but it is not always enough.

There are strict laws on guns, but what is enough to encourage the safety of public school systems? If we pass red flag laws and require background checks on all purchases of guns, would that help decrease the numbers of shootings?

A reason why school shootings need more attention is the fact of understanding the motives of the ones committing the crime. Those who typically commit the crime have connections to the school, and they show potential signs of potential violence. Also the guns used by these shooters more likely comes from home or close friends.

Understanding and recognizing these signs and being more aware of children could help the prevention of these threats. Placing programs in schools that could help children get the appropriate attention they need could potentially have a more positive impact.