Calabash Christmas Parade

and Tree Lighting

Chase Soyars, Trojan Vision Producer

At six o’clock calabash started it’s annual Christmas parade and festivities near the waterfront. Although it was cold and sprinkling, local guest were able to enjoy every minute. The Calabash Tee Room provided Hot Cocoa, coffee, and cookies to make sure everyone stayed warm and refreshed. After watching the parade visitors headed toward Callahan’s storefront to see  local singers, dancers, and Dr. Ernie and Laura Ward host the Christmas spectacular. Once the performances were over, West Brunswick’s Key Club handed out candles, which were to be lit once the singing of Christmas carols began. After a few songs were led, by local radio worker of 92.1, the large Calabash tree’s lights turned on. Pictures were taken and visitors were left to look around Callahan’s Christmas shop for the perfect ornament.