West Brunswick Men’s JV Basketball V.S. Whiteville


Whiteville defensive man plays harsh defense on #

Breanna Trudeau, Online Director

#23 of the opposing team looks to spot the next pass.
#22 Donte Clark runs past his defensive man of a Whiteville player.
Carson Pope sets up at the free throw line.
The Trojans try and dribble the ball of the court.
#33 Quincy Hankins wide open as he calls for a pass.
Whiteville playing harsh defense on #Eian King
#22 Donte is scanning the court to plan his next move.
# Cylil Lee looks at his coach for guidance for what play to make next.
Both teams shaking hands at the end of a tough game with the Trojans persevering.
#20 Aj Vereen watches as his team mate plans his defense on an opposing player.
#30 Eian dribbles past another defensive man to set up a shot.
#33  Quincy looks for a pass to keep the ball in play.

On December 5th, The JV Men’s Basketball team’s fourth game this season, secured a win against Whiteville High school with a score of 66 to 51.