Hidden Gems of West Brunswick: Chellie Mcdowell


A smiling Chellie Mcdowell after she finds put she is a hidden gem.

Breanna Trudeau and Randall Warren, Online Director and Staff Writer

Here at West, there are over 100 employees that come to work every day and help students throughout the day to better themselves in their education. There are a few of these employees who don’t get enough recognition for all of their positive impact. One person who is a prominent figure in a lot of students’ lives is Ms. Chellie Mcdowell.

Mcdowell has been in the front office for ten years, helping administration and directing people to their needs. 

“She has the most positive personality ever,” said Shelby Everhart. “She always has a smile on her face, and she has to do so much stuff for everybody else, and she’s happy to do it no matter how hard her day is or how many things she has to get done. Like she is always that light in everyone’s day.”

With such a warm introduction to the school, her smile, and knowing her sweet personality makes one feel right at home–the duties that McDowell performs at the school are numerous and rather important to the continuation of the school as a functioning body.

“I assist all the administration, anything they need to do,” said McDowell. “I call myself a router because when people come in I kinda get them in the right direction and try and make sure they get taken care of.”

With the amount of care, she puts into every interaction, McDowell has earned the title of “school mom.” 

“That’s my role, I’m the school momma,” said McDowell. 


Photo Credit: Breanna Trudeau
A smiling Chellie Mcdowell after she finds put she is a hidden gem.