Men’s Varsity Basketball V.S. Starmount Rams


Photo by Brea

#21 Mannie Hankins cheers on his teammates.

Breanna Trudeau, Online Director

The Varsity coach shouts out to his players the next move they need to make.
#3 Ethan Hewitt takes a shot at the foul line and sinks it for another point for the Trojans.
The Trojans take on a strong defense as the opponent sets up for a shot.
#21 Mannie Hankins face guarding #4 of the Rams, while the rest of Trojans set up their defense.
#22 William McRainey watches his teammate #5 Savion Metters sink another point for the Trojans.
The referee sets boundaries with both teams.
#30 Trevor Anderson sets up at the foul line, getting ready to take his shot.
#11 Isaiah Yuricek dribbles the ball past an opponent, as he looks for an open teammate.
#21 Mannie Hankins cheering on his fellow players as they score more points.
The Trojans take a quick time out to discuss the next play.
Another set up at the foul line for the Trojans.
#3 Ethan Hewitt scans the court to decide his next move.
#3 Hewitt making a shot as the opponents watch.
The Rams and Trojans line up for the end game handshake.

The Men’s Varsity Basketball took on the Starmount Rams with a win of 85-39 on December 20th. The Trojans had a strong lead the entire game and completely crushed the Rams with points each quarter. Each of the men worked their hardest to score as many points as possible, as for many different Trojans scored multiple points  through out the game.