Fashion Essentials You Might Want To Know: Color of Fall 2020

Marigold doesn’t just look great on the leaves this year!


Elizabeth Norfleet, Staff Writer

Every year a new fall color seems to make its way into the spotlight for trends the second the leaves change colors. This year, that color is marigold. A bright yet warm yellow shade that can be worn on anything from statement pieces like headbands to the whole outfit.


This color switched into the public eye straight from 1970, which seems to be the case this year for a lot of trends like tie-dye and head scarfs. There are plenty of ways to style this color and it looks good on any skin tone. Here is a list of ways to style the #1 color for this fall:


  • Nails
    • This color can make all of your outfits look trendy by simply styling it at your fingertips.
  • Eyeshadow
    • Make your eyes pop this fall by warming up your makeup look.
  • Accessories
    • Jewelry, headbands, scarves, and socks are just a few of the ways you can take your fall outfit to the next level.
  • Sweaters
    • Make your comfy go-to-outfit for this fall stand out by incorporating this color into it! It is a surefire way to catch some attention.
  • Pants
    • Spice up your boring old blue jean outfits by making your pants a statement piece. The color looks great on any material like corduroy or denim.