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Growing Tensions Between America and North Korea

October 23, 2017

North Korea, a country with claims of nuclear power. Is America at risk of being attacked? Should citizens be fearful for their lives?

Tension between North Korea and the United States has recently grown. North Korea has increased their nuclear weapon testing, gaining the ability to send missiles greater distances every day. With these growing tensions, the fears of many American citizens also continue to grow. Will America be safe from these deadly weapons?

Kazianis from Fox News states “Oh no, this would be an epic conflict where millions of people on the Korean Peninsula, in Japan and even in the U.S. homeland could lose their lives in the most horrific of ways.”

If things between America and North Korea worsen then there is reason for concern amongst citizens. Nuclear war could kill innocent civilians and do unthinkable damage to both nations. Students aware of the testing in North Korea are scared and unsure of the outcomes. Many people are wondering, what will America do if worse comes to worse? Students have heard bits and pieces of news stories telling of the dangers of North Korea. However, many people do not know or understand Donald Trump’s plan to stop North Korea.

“We’re exploring a new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures. All options are on the table.” said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

According to CNBC news in November, Trump will visit five Asian countries in hopes of increasing pressure on North Korea. Trump is also making this trip to negotiate the nuclear and ballistic missile programs with North Korea. Here in the United States, plans are being made to cut off trading and funds with North Korea, in order to decrease their funds for weapons. These plans help to decrease the likelihood of needing to defend ourselves from incoming attacks. There are, however, plans in place to defend and work against any incoming forces or attacks from North Korea. The military has bases here and in South Korea for the protection of innocent people.

Right now, all we are facing with Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is a war of words. “Let me be very clear: The policy of strategic patience has ended,” Tillerson said referring to Obama’s administration’s policy of trying to wait out the North Korean regime while pressing it with economic sanctions and covert actions.” This means the US is trying to wait out North Korea and not go to war. However, it also means the US is not just taking it easy on North Korea, strategic plans are in place and North Korea is suffering consequences of their actions. Currently, the US is just waiting for North Korea to back down. Plans are in place to keep citizens safe. American Military has been prepared to handle attacks. North Korea is being kept under control and for now, Americans are safe. Changes could happen at any second and the uncertainty is what worries American citizens.

Rebekah Martin
Morgan Strahley: “I feel that a lot of people are scared and they shouldn’t be because we’re protected by the government.”

Rebekah Martin
Rury Bautist:
“I am not scared of North Korea as a nation. Their leader is who I am scared of, he makes the country look bad, and he continues to hurt the people of his own country. North Korea is not big enough to hurt us.”



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