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The 5 Cs are five crucial characteristics an athlete needs in order to not only perform well, but also to be coachable.

The 5 C’s in sports

Amadis Levasa, Staff Writer Feb 20, 2024

Commitment, communication, concentration, control and confidence: these 5 C’s are crucial in shaping not just an athlete's physical abilities, but their mental toughness too. "Overall they're good...

A swimmer breaking through the water as they try to take the lead.

January 18th Swim Meet

Kelsey Swain, Staff Writer Jan 26, 2024

Friends and family walking into the Brunswick Community College indoor pool awaiting a fun and thrilling meet, chlorine was in the air and wet floor signs spread around. Many smiles and cheers filled around...

West calls a time-out to discuss the upcoming plays.

12/15 Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Hoggard

Aiden McKinney, Broadcast Director Dec 16, 2023

On the chilly night of Friday, December 15th the Varsity Boys basketball team went up against Hoggard for the last game before Christmas. The student section dressed up for the holidays and the gym was...

digital protective gear image

Protective Gear in Sports

Avery Babson, Staff Writer Dec 12, 2023

Athletes all around the world are frequently getting injuries that may restrict them for the rest of their lives. Injuries can range from a simple sprain all the way to an untreatable brain injury. Protective...

The womens varsity volleyball team taking a moment in the center of the court before their game begins.

Does Competeing Against Bigger Schools Impact How We Play?

Jenna Williams, Staff Writer Nov 27, 2023

High school sports are a big deal, and when smaller 1A-2A schools compete against larger 3A-4A schools, the stakes can feel even higher. Competing against bigger schools can add extra pressure and stress...

A sneak peak into someones brain, who is struggling playing many sports.

Sharing Athletes in Sports

Grace Kitchen, Staff Writer Nov 21, 2023

Being a 3A school means sharing athletes. Athletes, who play multiple sports, are playing other athletes from 4A schools, who have more students at the school and can afford to have athletes specialize...

Graphic made by Staff Writer, Gracie Loft

One Season Two Sports

Gracie Loft, Staff Writer Nov 20, 2023

 Same season two sports: Most student-athletes pick a separate sport to keep them in shape when in the off-season of their main sport, but two sports in the same season definitely isn't common. Playing...

Should college athletes be paid?

Should college athletes be paid?

Brooklyn Coble, Creative Content Member Nov 3, 2023

One of the biggest revenue drivers for a university or college can be found in their athletic programs.  Ask a young person what their favorite school is, and it usually will be linked to their favorite...

How To Play PickleBall

How To Play PickleBall

Campbell Cheers, Online Assistant Oct 26, 2023

Pickleball has been around since 1965 but has recently become popular over the past year. Typically, pickleball is played by older people, but kids have recently been fascinated by this sport. Learning...

Lady Trojans huddled around, breaking out of their huddle, to continue onto the game.

10/12 Trojans Vs. New Hanover

Grace Kitchen, Staff Writer Oct 19, 2023

On Thursday, October 12th, the West Brunswick Lady Trojans hosted the New Hanover Wildcats for their last game of the season. Before the game, the seniors, Ava Babson, Emma Bartlett, and Riley Bergeron...

Lady Trojans, and coaches, gathered for a picture after the seniors were introduced and given their flowers.

Trojans Vs. North Brunswick

Grace Kitchen, Staff Writer Oct 6, 2023

The Lady Trojans made the senior night extra special for their seniors, Riley Bergeron, Emma Bartlett, and Ava Babson. On Thursday, October 5th, the varsity volleyball team faced off against the North...

Sophomore, Autumn Wyatt, looking up at the ball about to serve.

How Much is Too Much? Sports Injuries

Grace Kitchen, Staff Writer Oct 6, 2023

On every athlete's mind is the potential of being hurt, but what injuries would be career-ending injuries? A few professional athletes like Nick Chubb, Damar Hamlin, and Aaron Rodgers have been injured...

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