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Various students doing their work while consuming difference sources of caffeine.

Caffeine Conundrum

Noah Farris, Copy Editor Mar 27, 2024

As someone with a busy schedule that often leads to missing out on some sleep, caffeine has become part of my everyday life. Most days I wake up, and before even brushing my teeth, I grab a cup of coffee....

Graphic created on Canva. Image depicts a clock and says Twenty-four hours left.

How Much Can You Fit In 24 Hours?

Kelsey Swain, Staff Writer Jan 23, 2024

Imagine you go to the doctors, just for a normal check up. Everything's going well ‘till your doctor looks down at your chart and looks up at you with a blank expression on their face. You leave the...

Introducing Flex Block

Introducing Flex Block

Jordan Thomas and Aniston Mclamb Dec 13, 2023

With North and South Brunswick High Schools introducing the new Flex Block, West is the last traditional school in the county without one. Brunswick County Schools held stakeholder meetings in late...

How To Make Friends

How To Make Friends

Aiden McKinney, Broadcast Director Nov 1, 2023

High school is something everyone has to go through, and it can often be very challenging. Stressful classes, early class times, homework, etc. result in many students feeling overwhelmed. One thing, however,...

How to: Be Drippy

How to: Be Drippy

Jordan Thomas, Creative Content Member Oct 31, 2023

In times like these, style is the main factor in anything like TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and even more. Some people don't know how to have their style, and also some people don't know how they like...

How To: Making the most of alone time

Samir Walker, Staff Writer Oct 25, 2023

Spending time by yourself sounds like an easy activity. It might even be an easy activity for some people. And if it’s easy for you then that’s great, but this article isn’t for you. But if you’re...

Teen Sleep

Teen Sleep

Amadis Levasa, Event Coverage Coordinator Oct 10, 2023

Sleep deprivation, it's like a contagious disease, stealing our energy, focus, and joy. It’s a silent epidemic speeding across our bodies, making us feel like we’re all out of energy. But how can exhaustion...

Senior Lavoria Hill standing with teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing Katie Smith.

Here’s your Sign

Noah Farris, Copy Editor Sep 20, 2023

Many of us spend a large part of our day listening to music, watching TV or talking to one another. For senior Lavoria Hill, things are much different. “I was born hearing, but I lost my hearing at...

Noah Hewett, Amadis Levasa, Jayla Alejandro, and Kearstin Herring skipping down the side of the 100 building.

Gen-Z: Identity, Individualism, and Style

Olivia Hewson, Staff Writer May 24, 2023

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” - Michael Jordan. This a quote that can interpret Gen-Z as a generation that prominently pushes for change and...

Junior Noah Borton and sophomore Cayson Coley with Sawyer Helton.

3/28 Special Olympics

Lauren Nelson, Editor in Chief Mar 31, 2023

The annual Brunswick County Special Olympics were held at Town Creek Park on Tuesday, March 28th. Students, faculty, and volunteers across the county look forward to this event each year. Many passionate...

The real price of being a senior

The real price of being a senior

Brooklyn Coble, Staff Writer Mar 15, 2023

You see fun senior activities on social media and school webpages and tend to get excited about finally being a senior, but does anyone acknowledge the outrageous prices that come with being a senior?...

Dress Code is unfair in schools. Should the rules change?

Dress Code = Unfair Code

Kelsey Swain, Staff Writer Mar 13, 2023

Muscle shirts with huge arm holes? Apparently fine, but a sports bra? Absolutely not. A crop top? You can probably get away with it, but a blanket over your shoulders on a cold day in the courtyard? Dream...

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