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5/16 Senior Cookout

5/16 Senior Cookout

Jordan Thomas, Sports Editor May 22, 2024

For the last week of school before exams, the class of 2024 had a Senior Cookout to spend time together for one last time. The Seniors enjoyed many types of food and drinks for the hot day.

Pitty Pride

Pitty Pride

Rowan Miller, Staff Writer Jan 23, 2024

Many people celebrated the coming of the new year; however, for XL Bully owners in England and Wales, it was most certainly not a “Happy New Year.”  On December 31st, it became illegal to sell,...

Principal Scott Dalton awarding an early graduate with her high school diploma.

Ahead of the Course

Joseph Hamric, Staff Writer Jan 23, 2024

Graduating early is a privilege that each student is given a chance to earn. In order to be an early grad you must meet specific requirements. These students show that they are focused and dedicated to...

Two friends hanging out and eating behind the cafeteria stage

The West Brunswick Winter Formal: 12/9

Fleur Kelly, Broadcast Assistant Dec 17, 2023

On December 9th the day of the Winter Formal had finally come and students were already lined up at the door even before the planned time with snacks and friends while the staff added a few final touches...

Introducing Flex Block

Introducing Flex Block

Jordan Thomas and Aniston Mclamb Dec 13, 2023

With North and South Brunswick High Schools introducing the new Flex Block, West is the last traditional school in the county without one. Brunswick County Schools held stakeholder meetings in late...

Swim Team Growth

Swim Team Growth

Chayton Cheers, Staff Writer Dec 5, 2023

The mens swim team’s growth over the past four years has taken it from a team with too few people to swim relay to a team with a surplus of swimmers. The adoption of ten more swimmers is due in part...

10th Annual WBHS Veterans Day Ceremony

10th Annual WBHS Veterans Day Ceremony

Noah Farris, Copy Editor Nov 16, 2023

The room is filled with a somber yet powerful feeling. The star spangled flag flutters slowly in the middle of the room. Aside from students walking into the bleachers, all is silent. The room is littered...

Meredith Roberts staring at the camera in horror.

Women In Horror

Fleur Kelly, Broadcast Assistant Nov 12, 2023

Warning: This article contains graphic discussions of murder and mentions of rape.   Horror is a popular genre, with good reason, and happens to be one of my favorite genres. Horror is incredibly...

West Brunswick warming and stretching back up during halftime being fully prepared.

10/27 Varsity Football vs South Brunswick

Jordan Thomas and Courtney Weston Oct 31, 2023

Senior night is always a bittersweet moment for everyone, especially the students who spent years pouring everything they have into their sport or passion. On Friday, October 27th seniors from cross country,...

A Bundle Of Six Kittens All Piled On A Carpet

How To Raise Your Kittens

Fleur Kelly, Broadcast Assistant Oct 27, 2023

Kittens' bodies and brains are very fragile at this stage of their life; as such, they must be taken care of properly and given the right conditions to thrive.   Step 1: Make A Designated Place...

Student sleeping in Spanish one class during instructional class time.

How to procrastinate (and get away with it)

Noah Farris, Copy Editor Oct 25, 2023

Almost every time I get a new assignment the first thing I ask is “when is this due.” If something is due in two weeks, there’s a good chance I won’t start it until the night before. It is a TERRIBLE...

Arylyn Smith-Parks takes a big swing in a tough conference game.

Too Few Par-take in Women’s Golf

Noah Farris, Copy Editor Oct 15, 2023

The women’s golf team has the minimum number of players on their team (four), despite being in one of the biggest golf communities in coastal NC.  Why it’s important: Brunswick County and its surrounding...

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