Benefits of JROTC for a Student

Courtney Weston, Staff Writer

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a nationally recognized program. The main focus is to help prepare students for their future careers, whether it be the Armed Forces or not. JROTC is a federal program that is sponsored by the United States Armed Forces. The program is generally in most high schools but can also be found in some middle schools. While the JROTC program is a great jumpstart to a career in the Armed Forces, the program can give excellent skills you can use in the real world, like leadership, confidence, teamwork, and discipline. 

The JROTC program can provide many opportunities for you in the future. For example, if you decide to go into the Armed Forces but still want a college degree, you could join The Selected Reserve. The Selected Reserve is where you work part-time with the military, and they pay for your college. Then after you have served eight years, you can leave, if that is what you choose. JROTC also gives great college scholarship opportunities if you decide not to go into The Selected Reserve. 

There is something for everyone in the JROTC program. You have four options of teams that you can join: Rifle, Drill, Raiders, or the Robotics team. Each unit has a different purpose that adds to the team. The various groups will take what they have learned and compete with other schools. If you’re not interested in any of the teams, you could also be in the Colour Guard. The Colour Guards’ job is to protect the national flag. 

The Rifle team works on how to use the rifles. The Drill team uses the different military commands to make a routine that they will use when entering competitions. The Raiders are eight cadets who compete in 5 mentally and physically challenging events. Finally, the Robotics team builds robots that will have to complete a set of tasks in a set amount of time. 

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program is a tough program to withstand both mentally and physically. But, with hard work and determination, it will set you up for success when in the real world.