Bones or No Bones?

The TikTok phenomenon, Noodle


Destiny Noblitt

Noodle the Pug, is the new prophet of our generation. The pug’s TikTok videos are going viral all over social media and fans raise the question, bones or no bones? Noodle the pug has recently surpassed four million followers, becoming an uprising TikTok star. 

 “Basically, a Bones Day is a day when you have a good day and its going to  be a good day; something exciting is gonna happen, maybe even something bold,” said senior Ashlyn Nunn. “A No Bones Day is kinda like its gonna be a sad day; you might just feel run down or sad, and you just need to remember to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself.” 

This all started when New Yorker Jonathan Graziano filmed his morning routine with his pug, Noodle. Bones or No Bones is a fascination from their following around the world that surrounds the morning routine where Graziano stands Noodle up: if he stays standing, it’s a Bones day. If he falls, its a No Bones day.

“Noodle’s hype is well deserved, at least in my opinion,” said sophomore Olivia Pettitt. “He’s so cute and his predictions are lowkey accurate a good bit of the time. He’s something that brings a moment of joy into peoples day and he gives us something fun to look forward to.”

The hype has led to so many opportunities for the dynamic duo, and they even came out with merchandise. The merchandise includes shirts, hats, bags, stickers and many more items fans could buy to show their love for Noodle. The merch ranges in price from $2 to $64.

“Noodle is my daily motivator in the morning when I get ready, and his merch blanket is so cute: he’s like a mini Tik Tok god,” said Pettitt