Senior Breakfast 2022

Madison Decker and Joelle Cemeka, starting their first day with a smile.

Riley Grissett, Staff Writer

The parents that arranged the celebration for seniors together. (Photo by Riley Grissett)
Noelle Gunther, Kenzie Mcdowell, Bethanie Benton, Shelby Gore, and Abby Fluharty smiling before joining the food line. (Photo by Riley Grissett)
The start of a new tradition. (Photo by Riley Grissett)
Sarah Smith enjoying her morning treat. (Photo by Riley Grissett)
Jena Rubio and Albert Green. (Photo by Riley Grissett)
Emalee Taylor and Shelby Whitman smiling for the photo. Photo by Riley Grissett
River Mahler and his mom are enjoying the first moments of his senior year together. (Photo by Riley Grissett)
Hallie Stone loved her first day back to school. (Photo by Riley Grissett)
Madison Decker and Joelle Cerneka started their first day with a smile. (Photo by Riley Grissett)
Katie Madison rings the bell.

On August 29th, seniors were welcomed with sweet treats and a filling breakfast to start their last, first day. Some of the parents organized this treat in the cafeteria to celebrate the seniors and continue a tradition. The seniors from the past year (2021-2022) left a bell as their gift. Principal Jonathan Paschal explained how a student will be picked at random, every year to ring the bell from now on. This year, Katie Madison was chosen to ring the bell and start this newfound tradition.