Top 5 News this Week: 10/3



Jenna Williams, Staff Writer

Hurricane Ian 

Hurricane Ian first hit Cuba as a Category 3 hurricane. Hurricane Ian made its way to the coast of Florida as it turned into a Category 4. Everyone in the state of Florida had a choice to evacuate and the majority of people did, even knowing that when they come back they’ll have nothing. This life-threatening storm caused a lot of damage to Florida leaving them without power, water, and now some without a home or car. 

SpaceX Launch

On Saturday, September 24, SpaceX launched 52 of their Starlink satellites from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station just a little after sunset. These satellites were visible all along the eastern coast of the United States all the way up to Long Island. They did this with the goal of trying to reduce space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars.

NASA Test Hits Asteroid

After 10 months of NASA’s DART mission, and on their first attempt to hit and move an asteroid, it successfully hit its target in their first ever planetary defense test. NASA wanted to test this in case a time would come when there might be an asteroid close to the earth, and now that this has been tried and tested there’s a better chance that they would be able to move one away from earth. 

DOJ seizes fentanyl-laced pills

According to ABC News, the Department of Justice has seized an estimated amount of 10 million fentanyl-laced pills. The DEA agents conducted 389 investigations. The DEA said  “Over the course of these investigations, we seized over 10 million fake pills and 82 pounds of fentanyl powder motor crews across all 50 states. That is enough to kill 36 million Americans. In addition agencies 338 weapons during this operation, including shotguns pistols, and hand grenades.”

7-year-old boy attacked by a mountain lion 

In Pico Canyon Park, located near Santa Clarita, California, a 7-year-old boy was attacked by a mountain lion from the back as he walked up a set of stairs in the park. The boy is now recovering from the attack. As a part of this investigation, they swabbed the boys’ wounds to see if it was a mountain lion that was previously in the area or if it was a new one, but they have yet to find out and they haven’t located it.