Last Installment Of The Kerri Maniscalco series “Kingdom Of The Feared”


Photo by Courtney Weston

Riley Grissett reading one of her favorite books “Kingdom Of The Feared”.

Riley Grissett, Assistant Broadcast Director

The long-awaited third installment of the Kerri Maniscalco series the “Kingdom Of The Feared” was published September 27, 2022. After leaving readers on a cliff hanger from the previous book, “Kingdom Of The Cursed,” Emilia discovers her sister is actually alive. She has also uncovered the truth about Wrath, his true name and identity. But it’s the compelling love that has been showcased throughout the series that has made the readers envious, especially once they read the steamy scenes that are almost too hot to handle. There’s more holding back this so-called perfect love than it seems. Emilia is then forced to cope with the emotional discovery of her sister’s twisted murder, which will damn all and instill fear in the realms who were to blame, leaving Emilia thirsting for vengeance.

This book leaves the reader’s jaw dropped by the realization of the true villains, years of masking to only have the truth, and years of memories that were lost revealed. Emilia fights against a sense of familiar loyalty and her love for Wrath, struggling to keep the peace and trying to keep a war from breaking out. 

The character Pride wants Vittoria as compensation because he is confident that Vittoria is guilty of a crime not worth forgiving, leaving readers on the edge. Discovering how Vittoria got her immense power, Emilia rushes to indulge in her own. Ripping out the heart of Wrath, when he realized what danger she put herself in to gain such power, his anger was no match of the fiery that she already has within. Vengeance is who she has become, with all that anger she is ready to burn the ones who dared to cross her king.

Emilia has everyone afraid, knowing what she can do in the blink of her eye only reminds the princes of how she once betrayed them. The first witch put a curse on Wrath six years ago, leaving Emilia crunched in time to break it and set him free. Her love for Wrath was brighter than any flame she could conjure. Emilia’s final discovery leaves readers powerless, dying to read another book.

This book is worth every 401 pages, the journey is worth the destination. I rate the book 4.5/5 stars, only because of all the emotions I endured throughout the book.