West welcomes new varsity football coach

Brooklyn Coble, Staff Writer

This January, West officially hired a new varsity football coach.  Shane Handy, a weightlifting teacher is now stepping into this position for the upcoming season.  Before coming to West, Handy coached at Clayton High School for a total of two years, leading the team to an 8-2 record and the second round of the state playoffs. He also coached at Randleman High School, Catawba College, Guilford College, and Delta State University.  With his many years of coaching and playing all four years in high school along with all four years at Guilford College, his experience qualifies and makes him the best choice for our program. 

“I’m excited about building the program,” said Handy.  “I’m excited about getting it back where it needs to be, getting guys better in the weight room is obviously number one.  The second thing is getting guys more used to working fundamental football, getting better everyday and running a structured high-intensity practice that will hopefully make them respond better for game situations.”

During the little time that Handy has been at West, he has already impacted the mentality of the players.  They understand from the way he runs practices and pushes them to be their best, what is expected from each of them.

“I think he brings a new life to it,” said sophomore Jacob Rumsey.  “We’ve only had one practice so far; however, it was run a lot differently than what we have had previously and I think this will be a better year than what most people think.”

Along with expecting the best from his players on the field, Handy also has the same expectations off of it. He understands that an athlete cannot be successful without also succeeding in the classroom, so good grades and attendance are mandatory.

“The most important thing is how they act off the field and in the classroom–high expectations academically,” said Handy. “They have to come to school and quit having so many absences. To me, that discipline will transfer over to the football field.”

A coach should be a role model for his/her players, so being in their best interest and always trying to teach them something will ultimately make the team stronger and bring them together.  Unity within a team is one of the most important parts in achieving goals, so just having a coach that wants to bring people together is a great start.

“I want to impact the school in the same way we impact the football team,” said Handy.  “Structure and discipline, caring about others and being ‘One West’ instead of individual people. I think as a staff we should preach a message of taking care of each other.”