Jeffree Star


Photo by Riley Grissett

Jeffree Star being exposed and canceled.

Riley Grissett, Assistant Broadcast Director

The infamous Jeffree Star has finally made a comeback, making his way back into the spotlight after calling out beauty guru, Mikayla Nogueria, for lying after doing a promotion for L’Oreal. Nogueria promoted the “Telescopic Lift Washable Makeup Mascara” and is being accused of using false eyelashes to make her lashes seem more full, thus using false advertising to promote said product. Soon, her comments were under fire with fans calling her out with Star right behind them.

“I’ll be BACK to reviewing makeup products next week,” Star tweeted. “These f****** b****** can’t stop lying to their audiences and it makes me sick.”

Supporters of Star claim his makeup reviews are in fact authentic; he has expressed that brands can’t pay him off to lie about brands, like others have in the past. TikTok is swarming with videos about how Nogueria has “awakened the beast,” but are we just supposed to forget about what he did to get canceled?

In June 2020, Star was exposed for using the n-word as well as making  derogatory statements to African American individuals while using Myspace. He was also exposed for promoting a website called “” in 2004. As if his reputation couldn’t get any worse, he also has a history of sexual and physical assault accusations, along with being accused of trying to use hush money to silence his victims. It’s said that he would use a stun gun and other tasers to threaten his victims with.

Star has tried countlessly to recover his reputation by creating apology videos, like after creating a 10 minute video apologizing for involving himself in the scandal with James Charles that fans call “Dramageddon.” He has also admitted and tried to apologize for saying “disgusting, vile, nasty, and embarrassing” things in 2017 relating to when he attacked women of color with reportedly racist comments. This led people to not trust him when he showed support to the “BLM” movement.

How is allowing someone who has such accusations to come back into the public eye and be praised considered okay? It seems his “devoted fans” can overlook his actions but attack other celebrities and ruin reputations. 

For example, Johnny Depp was accused of domestic violence and it ruined his acting career, but do we praise someone who has more serious accusations? Brands like Ulta and Morphe who would be sold out of Jeffree Star’s Cosmetics in minutes dropped him after he was exposed, but now Star is getting popularity again, could this mean these brands will go back to working with him?