Spring sports student section


Photo by Brooklyn Coble

The women’s varsity soccer team in the stands supporting and cheering on the women’s softball team.

Brooklyn Coble, Staff Writer

Spring sports are starting and many of them don’t get the recognition and attention they deserve. You never see nearly as many people at a spring sports game that you do at football and basketball games. The women’s varsity soccer team decided to take initiative to support the varsity softball and baseball team at their game against East Bladen.  They created an enthusiastic student section by motivating and encouraging their fellow spring sport athletes.  They came to show support in hopes that other teams will show them the same support at their soccer games. 

“My favorite part about going to the baseball and softball game was our team bringing the crowd to life and a lot of energy from the stands,” said women’s soccer player Ruth McKenzie.  “I think they should do the same for us because we need the support and it will make us play better knowing that the other teams are enthusiastic to watch us play.”

A student section being involved and interested in the game makes a huge difference to the players, especially when it is their peers.  When the girls soccer team came to the games it brought light to the fields that should be brought as well from other spring sports.

“I think the softball team should support other teams like that,” said junior Emma Bartlett. “It gives our athletes a real sense of family when showing each other that kind of love.” 

During basketball and football season, if you look up into the crowd, you will always see rows of people stacked on one another in the bleachers; in contrast, that is a very rare thing in spring sports.

“I have always preferred watching basketball over soccer,” said senior Maddox Ward. “I used to play when I was younger, so I understand it better. In basketball things move a lot quicker so it keeps the people engaged for longer.”

Although spring sports may not bring the biggest profit for the school due to lack of notice, support would be nice to keep our spring players motivated during game time. 

“It was really cool to see the soccer players come to our game,” said baseball player Gabriel Abbott.  “They were loud and uplifting, and I really think that it motivated us to play better.”