Move over private pools!


Photo by Aiden McKinney

An example of a local private pool in Brunswick County

Aiden McKinney, Junior Broadcast Assistant

While Brunswick County has many resources and activities to partake in, one thing that has been lacking is public pools. While many people have private pools, or live in a neighborhood with a private pool, the main pool that the school uses is at Brunswick Community College. However, this is the only public pool in the county, which is why the push for a new public pool has been growing. 

On February 20th, Brunswick commissioners signed off a nearly 300-page document describing how lesser used areas of the county will be urbanized, with changes such as many new houses being built. However, with nearly 145,000 residents in the county, many attendees strongly advocated for a new public pool. According to Port City Daily, many attendees expressed their reasoning as to why a new public pool is needed.

“In essence, locals decried there is not enough space for student swim teams or to teach swim lessons to help prevent drownings. Another benefit would be for older people who cannot exercise otherwise.”

The South Brunswick High head swim coach Nina McPherson also was heavily in support of a new public pool, saying it would help benefit local swim teams. 

“McPherson said her team and others have limited public lane space at Dinah Gore, and she has to maintain a roster of only 28 swimmers. She said West Brunswick High School and the Brunswick Aquatic Club are facing space crunch as well.”     

However, a new pool may be too far for the school to take advantage of. When asked, swim coach Lynda Fletcher confirmed it will not be used for West swim meets. 

“So from what I see, it will not affect us at all,” said Fletcher. “It will be great for South Brunswick but will change nothing for us.”

However, many locals will still be able to use and enjoy a new public pool that will supply both more space as well as area convenience, especially for those who would prefer not to drive to BCC and would prefer something closer, which is something Southport real estate agent Sherol Lappala brought to attention. 

“(Sherol Lappala) said she was one of the first people to take advantage of BCC’s facility, but at the time it was nearly empty. Now, the county has outgrown the space.” 

“Today, if you go there it’s difficult to get a lane and the warm water therapy pool is full — I mean slammed, all the classes,” said Lappala. “And that doesn’t even include the people who don’t feel comfortable driving to Dinah Gore.”                                                                      

While a new pool may still be too far for some, it will undoubtedly be a beneficial and well-received addition to Brunswick County.