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Aiden McKinney

Aiden McKinney

Mckinney is a 15 year old sophomore. As a kid, Mckinney liked to go hiking and ride his bike around. Mckinney is an only child. Mckinney treasures sushi and he loves dolphins. In Mckinney's free time, he enjoys reading and playing video games. 

“I think my proudest moment was when I got my poem published,” said McKinney. Because I had won a contest.” 

Mckinney's main reason as to why he wants to be in journalism is because he hopes to gain experience from this class that will help him in the future . Mckinney wants to be a science-fic author because he claims that is the most interesting and he thinks you can do more with fantasy. 

“I chose this class because I want to be a journalist as my career path,” said Mckinney. “I also want to be an author, so I felt like I could gain some experience from this.”

Mckinney would also like to go to Clemson University to pursue his dream. Mckinney plans on preparing for college by talking to people that have gone to that college so he can get the experience from someone who has attended there.  


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Aiden McKinney