Goosebumps: The Musical


Aiden McKinney, Junior Broadcast Assistant

On Wednesday, May 17th West put on a stunning production of Goosebumps: The Musical: Phantom of the Opera. While the talented cast sang and acted their way through an entertaining performance, elevated further by exquisite set design and lighting, this was also a significant night because it was the Drama Club senior’s last production of the year. I had a chance to speak with one of the seniors, Adrian Mills, about his last experience performing for West.

“It’s kind of saddening, but I will never forget the memories I had doing theater.”

I also spoke with one of the clubs’ juniors, Tiffany Guin, who is one of several who will have to step up and gain even more responsibility in the forthcoming year.

“Next year I plan on taking more of a leadership role, considering I feel a lot of the people will look up to me considering I’ve been in theater and drama all four years.”

She also expressed how important Drama has been to her and how she plans to continue fostering a positive environment.

“I want to make people feel welcome, because it is a very welcoming place.”

While it is bittersweet to see so many seniors leave, many hardworking juniors plan to help continue the productive and positive West Drama environment.

This was further stated by Guin “I think it went really well…everyone put everything into it.”