5/4 Varsity Women’s Lacrosse vs Hunt 

Last Thursday our Trojans faced off against Hunt for their first exciting playoff game!


Willow Peltier scanning the field.

Aiden McKinney, Junior Broadcast Assistant

Our Trojans prepared for their first playoff game on a cool Thursday night, knowing it was either their or Hunt’s last playoff game. After a group huddle, the teams took to the field before Macie Coley scored the night’s first goal. This set the stage for both haves, as the Trojans continued to dominate from mid-day until sunset.

When the sun began to go down, the final whistle was blown, and the final goal was scored, Hunt only managed to score 3 goals, against West’s 16. With Macie Coley scoring half of the team’s goals with eight total, Olivia Mehalick scoring two, Lauren Nelson scoring one, Joelle Cerneka scoring one, Sophie Rozen scoring four and an entire team putting forth a valiant effort, our Trojans were rewarded with a massive victory.

After the team celebrated together and with the enthusiastic crowd, I had an opportunity to speak with Head Coach Daniel Rozen about this game, and what will follow.

“We played the way we always play…we play against teams who are very, very good, and we take everything we’ve learned from those games and we put it right here.”

As well as taking well deserved time to rest, Rozen also shared his passion for the team.

“We’re gonna get a good rest, savor the flavor, Monday we’ll practice…I couldn’t be happier for them.”

But beyond being a team winning a game for the sport, they are a family winning for something more.

“Everyone on our team played absolutely fantastic. They played for each other, they played fierce, and the scoreboard shows it.”