3/24 Careers on Wheels

Last Friday, Brunswick Community College housed an event for fifth graders in BCS to learn about jobs involving driving.

Lauren Nelson, Editor in Chief

On Friday, March 24th, the first-ever Careers on Wheels event was held at Brunswick Community College. This event was organized by Taylor Thompson and Shakema Wilson. 

They wanted to allow fifth graders to learn about mobile careers. Not all careers involve sitting behind a desk and working on a computer, and they wanted each child to know that.

Organizations came from all across Brunswick County. For example, the fire departments, police departments, farmers, UPS, EMS, and more. There were almost 700 fifth graders in attendance from the elementary schools in BCS.

The event was broken up into two sections, with three to four schools in each one. There were a total of eight rows of vehicles to explore. Elementary school teachers were handed a map of where everything was and were assigned a row. The students from each school could explore each side of the row they were on till time was called. Then they would move to the next row and continue this process until they had seen everything.

The fifth graders had a lot of fun and learned many new things about careers that involve driving. Some jobs they all probably knew about, while others opened their eyes to many new opportunities.