4/6 Varsity Men’s Lacrosse vs Laney

Our men’s lacrosse team played the Laney Buccaneers on home turf and put Laney in for a good fight. What a way to start off spring break!


Photo by Amadis Levasa

The boys huddled together and started hyping themselves up. They started getting ready to start their comeback in the second quarter.

Amadis Levasa, Staff Writer

On a beautiful night before spring break begun, our men’s lacrosse team went up against the Laney Buccaneers on our own turf. The game begun at 7:03 with Senior Tyler Cameron starting off the game with the first face-off of the night.


The first quarter was challenging and not the best for our boys, with no shots on goal and only two possessions on our offensive side. Although the game was not in our possession most of the quarter, our four defenders did not let up and only allowed eleven shots on goal. Senior Tyler Cameron ran the ball up and down the field twice back to back in the first quarter and our starting goalie, Junior Alex Cameron, had three saves in goal.


The buzzer went off marking the end of the first quarter, and the players jogged off the field for a quick minute break. The coaches called their team over to them for a quick talk before the refs blew the whistle for the second quarter to begin. The whistles blew and the team ran to their positions confidently and ready to begin their comeback.


Starting off the last quarter before half time, Laney won the first possession and began their first attempted shot on goal in the second quarter. Although they may have thought it would be an easy goal, our defense said otherwise. Alex Cameron made the save and we gained possession. Noah Hewett received the pass by Cameron and began to run to goal.  Hewett looked around at his pass options and saw sophomore Harry Doherty open with a clear shot at goal. Doherty received the assist and then scored the first point of the game for West.


Coming back from half time the score was thirteen to one, but our Trojans did not let this keep them down. Coming back from the half, we won the starting face-off of the third quarter. It was a battle for our boys on both sides of the field in the third and forth quarter. Unlike the first half, the ball was on our offensive side almost as much as the ball was on theirs.


The Trojans fought hard throughout the whole game and the results of the second half came back positive and better then the first. Our defense only allowed 3 points on the bored and only seven shots on goal. Though the offense may not of scored anymore point for the rest of the game, they worked as a team and played smart. They let nothing get in their heads or get them down and they never let up on Laney. Our boys may have lost, but there was not a single point that Laney scored that was handed to them without a fight.


At the end of the night, all the boys were in a great mood and walked in the locker room with big smiles on their faces. Even though they did not end up with the win, they were just ready for spring break.