Annual West Wind Celebration

The West Wind staff gathered on Tuesday, May 23rd, to celebrate the school year coming to an end.

Lauren Nelson, Editor in Chief

As each semester comes to an end, the West Wind has some sort of gathering to celebrate all of our accomplishments and provide a fun way to all be together for one last time. In the past, the West Wind staff have gone to a restaurant, but this year was a little different. As a group, we decided to all bring food and grill out at a staff member’s house. This allowed us to be as loud as we wanted, enjoy the outdoor space, and have great conversations with each other.

After enjoying some time in the pool and eating dinner, two types of superlatives were given out. First up, our advisor, Anna Saunders, gave out superlatives to each of the members in attendance. After that, “editor awards” were given out by seniors Lauren Nelson, Reyde Jones, and Emely Olmedo. These were designed and written with light-hearted intentions to make fun, inside jokes about the time we have spent getting to know each other, in and outside of West Brunswick’s room 186.

The senior staff members will be missed, and of course, they will miss being active members of the West Wind. This annual celebration was a fun way to commemorate their time and enjoy everyone’s company.