Coffeehouse at the Soundhouse: February 9th


James Dotson-Croy and Jessy Fernandez performing an original.

Arianna Akay, Staff Writer

On Saturday, February 9th the Soundhouse hosted West Brunswick and Early College for the semi-annual Coffeehouse.  A coffeehouse is an event in which local artists can perform live covers or originals while the audience enjoys soothing refreshments and snacks to give an outlet for the local artists to express themselves while also raising money for our arts program. Coffeehouse Performers include The Ukulele Club, Danni Benton. Laurel Riffel, Sydney Morin, Jessy Fernandez, James-Dotson Croy, Isaac Ipatzi, James Sayre, Parker Milliken, Andrea Dutton, JT Pettry, Arianna Akay, Marley Aliah, and Asia Norris.

“Music allows people to express themselves in ways words can’t,” said Andrea Dutton.  Jessy Fernandez added, “Music changes peoples lives’. We can change the world through music.”

Fellow show choir students such as Madison McFadden worked the refreshments and dessert tables and were able to get a first-hand viewing of the show.

“I feel like it went really well and there were so many artists that were really passionate about their music and it was really great,” said McFadden. “I feel like music has a very great effect on people and it like brings them together and it can change people in a lot of different ways and provides an escape for many people. Everyone who performed did really well and the turn out was really good and I’m just kind of happy that like all the local musicians could come together and perform and raise money and awareness for the arts program.”

Thank you to everyone who came to support West Brunswick and Early College in demonstrating their musical attributes and abilities.