Track & Field Season Preview


Junior Samuel Linton practices for Shot Put

Connor Gushman, Staff Writer


Track and Field is a sport which includes athletic contests established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing. This year, our track team has a combined total of four coaches: Coach Wood, Coach Carraway, Coach Hickman, and Coach Lynch are looking forward to what the spring season has to bring.  


“Looking good,” said Coach Wood. “Got a lot to work on, but after this first meet, I’m excited.”


Junior, AJ Babson, a participant in the sprints and relay part of track, is confident in the upcoming season, despite the inevitable change that always comes with a new team.


“We are much faster than last year,” said Babson, optimistic about the new season.


This year, as in every year, comes with a handful of seniors ready to finish their final season as a Trojan in a strong fashion. Seniors this year include: Nashawn Price,  Estephanie Cruz, Jaheim Lewis, just to list a few.


“I’m trying to finish off strong,” said Lewis. “I hope that I take it all the way to states.”


Track and Field is in many ways an underrated sport, as a lot of people just don’t seem to understand the mental fortitude it takes in order to be a successful track and field athlete.


“In other sports, you can think ‘oh maybe we won’t do sprints today,’ but in track that’s all there is” said Jay Fletcher, reflecting on the difficulty of the sport.


Track and Field showcases the natural athleticism that humans have and the skill it takes to be faster and better. Our track and field Trojans are training every weekday to cross the finish line for West Brunswick. According to Jaheim Lewis, Track and Field also gives him the ability to mentally wind down and calm the chaos of school life.


“Usually I take a deep breath, just step into the ring, and my mind goes clear and I just think I have to throw and I have to win. That’s my main focus.”