Netflix Review: Big Mouth

Alyssa Robinson, Copy Editor

This Netflix original never fails to brighten my day. “Big Mouth” is an adult cartoon centered around hilarious preteen misery, AKA middle schoolers going through puberty. The show was created based on Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s own embarrassing  middle school years. Andrew Glouberman, voiced by John Mulaney, is visited by the Hormone Monster, who is basically a sex-driven shoulder angel. Andrew’s best friend, Nick Birch, voiced by Nick Kroll, is significantly insecure about being a late bloomer. Jessi Klein voices Jessi Glaser, an intelligent and sarcastic girl who is friends with Andrew and Nick. These three 7th grade besties navigate through pubescence together, with the help of random inanimate objects and even ghosts. Honorary mentions include: the Statue of Liberty, the ghost of Duke Ellington, scallops and a pregnant pillow.

My favorite character is Jessi. Jessi is visited by the Hormone Monstress, who tells her to scream at her mother, listen to Lana Del Rey on repeat and only take bubble baths. She tries not to give in to Connie (the Hormone Monstress), but eventually gives in and screams at her mother. Who is now “Shannon”, because preteen girls only call their mothers by their first names. She is always smarter than everyone around her and she knows it. I like Jessi because I can relate to her the most. In season 2, the Shame Wizard visits her, clouding her conscious with guilt and telling her that she is the reason her parents split up. Jessi is a very real character who faces difficult situations with thick skin and always stays true to herself and her beliefs. Even in her lowest moments, she remains witty, bold, sincere and all around lovable.

I think this show gets all of it’s charm from being so bizzare. In comparison to other adult cartoons, Big Mouth is filthier, funnier and utterly cringeworthy. Watching, I can’t help but feel like I relate and that all of these things definitely did happen at my middle school. One of the super awesome things about this show is that it talks about things that are never talked about. Or rather, things that are a bit too uncomfortable to talk about. I can tell the writers and producers take risks with this series because some of the topics are quite, well, risky for television. I would recommend Big Mouth to anyone with a sense of humor, and even more so to people with a dirty sense of humor. I think this show has something for everyone, even if you don’t typically like adult cartoons.