Trojans defeat Wolfpack 21-0


Trojans huddle up during a timeout.

LeAnna Mintz, Staff Writer

Trojans are on defense as Whiteville attempts to run the ball.
The stands on the Trojan side are packed as the game reaches halftime.
Jordan Wilkes watches from the sideline as he gets ready to return to the game
Coach Hickman yells onto the field as the trojans are on offense.
Senior Maddy Spencer and Junior Caroline Bryant pose for a picture on the sideline between cheers.
Trojans huddle up during a timeout.
Amarion Reed re-hydrates quickly before returning to the game.
Wilkes sets up in his position as a wide receiver.
Lauch Murphy comes off the field after kicking the ball and watches his teammates play defense.
True Robinson stands proudly as he cheers on his fellow teammates.
William McRainey sits under the tent and watches film as he waits to get back into the game.
Jvian Mccray comes off the field and yells to his father in the crowd.
Trey Bell celebrates his touchdown.
Xavier Vereen, Lauch Murphy, Trey Bell, and Manny Hankins hold up four fingers to celebrate their four touchdowns in the game.
Coach C, the new athletic trainer for the Trojans, tapes Malachi Hewetts’ ankle.